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Legacy Software

This page gives information about previous CD and DVD mastering software packages sold by hubersn Software. It is kept for historical reasons only.

For the current version of CDVDBurn 3, please follow this link.


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Please note that CDVDBurn is now longer available to buy - it has been superceded by CDVDBurn 3 which caters for all modern RISC OS 5 machines as well as many modern drives.

Read everything about CDVDBurn 3

CDVDBurn is the predecessor of the new CDVDBurn 3 and was released in 2005. It only supported a limited variety of drives and media types, and generally suffered from the slow I/O of the RISC OS machines at this time - IYONIX PIO Mode 0, slow USB, slow IDE, slow SCSI.

If you have historical interest, follow this link to find out more about CDVDBurn.






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CDBurn was a full-featured CD mastering software for RISC OS. It supported many different writers and all RISC OS machines running RISC OS 3.5 or above. Nearly every SCSI and IDE subsystem was supported. Depending on the drive you are using, CDBurn even supports full multitasking write operation. Creation of multisession CDs is fully supported including the CD Extra format.

For the historically interested, follow this link to find out more about CDBurn.



CDBurn Lite

CDBurn Lite Icon CDBurn Lite

CDBurn Lite was a restricted version of CDBurn available for machine bundling. It only contains support for one SCSI or IDE subsystem, and one or a small range of drives. Advanced CD(VD)Burn features like Audio Disc at once writing, configurability for performance optimization, multisession and multitasking write operation (as well as all DVD related features of course) are not available in the Lite version.

A version of CDBurn Lite was bundled with most IYONIX pc machines back in the Castle Technology age. It was restricted to operate the Sony CD-RW drives shipping with the machine

For the historically interested, follow this link to find out more about CDBurn Lite.



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