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CDBurn - CD writing for your RISC OS machine

Please note that CDBurn is no longer available to buy - it has been superceded by CDVDBurn 3 which runs on all modern RISC OS 5 machines and supports modern CD/DVD/BD writers via USB and S-ATA. Read everything about CDVDBurn 3

This page is kept mostly for historical reasons.


Since the first CD-ROM saw the light of day, the medium that was once devised for holding high quality audio recordings has become the standard medium for nearly every software distribution.

It was around 1996 when the first CD writers became available at affordable prices. Suddenly, the medium that was only available when producing around 1000 CDs at a time became popular for a wide variety of use - custom Data and Audio CDs were just the first step.

CDBurn, introduced at Acorn World 1997, was the first CD mastering solution for RISC OS that was affordable and was available without a bundled drive.


CDBurn is able to produce both Data and Audio CDs with a minimum amount of user interaction. While easy to use, it has some very powerful features not found anywhere else. CDBurn supports both CD-R and CD-RW writers and media.

CDBurn works together with a wide variety of CD-R writers and CD-RW rewriters. A summary of all supported and partly-supported drives is available here. CDBurn supports SCSI writers and IDE writers (on most computers/podules).

Some of the feature highlights for Data CD creation:

  • ISO9660-compliant data formatter
  • full support for Joliet extensions - allows you to write CDs with very deep directory structures and long, case-preserving filenames (ideally suited for making backups in conjunction with CDROMFS)
  • on-the-fly-writing capability - either create your ISO image before writing, or let CDBurn create it during the write process, saving valuable disc space
  • full multisession capability - enables a step-by-step writing process to make full use of the available CD capacity
  • full drag and drop filer-like Image creation
  • support for RISC OS CDFS extensions - enables you to retain filetype and date/time information in an ISO9660 compatible way
  • very flexible, user-definable ISO filename translation - enables you to enforce full ISO9660 compliance, or to create a CD which fully exploits the capability of a specific platform

CDBurn's Audio capabilities are also very powerful:

  • Extraction of Audio tracks from nearly every CD-ROM or CD writer
  • Very easy-to-use track editor
  • uses either raw or WAVE format for audio
  • Audio Disc at once capability - allows you to record true live CDs, no more pauses between tracks (this feature is only available for some drives)
  • Audio CD database feature - identify your Audio tracks by name, not by track number

Other highlights:

  • easy-to-use Copy CD feature
  • widely configurable to suit your taste
  • mixed-mode CD creation (first track data, other tracks audio)
  • support mailing list available free of charge
  • bugfixes available free of charge

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